Daily Dose for the Soul

Your presence allows others to feel unified

The effect of being in the presence of people expressing high frequencies is to feel unified and connected to all of nature, all of humankind, and to intention. As you raise your frequencies, your impact on others invited them to be on the same team. You are unified and want to assist each other in the fulfilment of a common objective.

The opposite of this feeling of unity is feeling polarised and cut off. Low energy is demanding and always moves against others. Therefore, it will inevitably produce a win/lose condition. The energies of antagonism, judgement, hatred, and the like set up a counterforce in which somebody has to lose. When you have an enemy, you need to establish a defence system, and having to defend yourself becomes the nature of your relationship. One person’s need to move against and polarise sets in motion the conditions for war. War is always expensive. This is all avoidable by staying connected to intention and bringing that higher energy to your relationships, allowing those you encounter to feel the oneness with you, with everyone else, with nature, and with God.

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