Why India Is The Greatest Country

There are many reasons why India is the greatest country. There are many factors that make India the best nation. Let’s talk about a few.

The number of Covid-19 infections is growing ever-so-rapidly; the GDP is pouring down as if a cloud had burst; the entire country is in a state more pathetic than it ever was; China has almost declared war!

While all of that is happening, Government is busy banning apps; explaining how the entire Covid-19 infection is just a flu and people shouldn’t worry; and the Post Covid India will be a dream come true. And the media is busy theorizing how a bollywood actress ‘Riya Chakraborty’ and a few others killed ‘Sushant Singh Rajput’.

The news about a hypothetical murder is more important than the one about the increasing Indo-China border tension and the diminishing GDP that has all the potential to lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths.

It requires an unimaginable amount of greatness to ignore everything important and focus on the most trivial and imaginary stuff.

Not everyone can accomplish this level of sheer, unblemished greatness.

Somehow, people find the time and courage to question and bring to light, things that, if compared to the current situation, hold no importance whatsoever.

And the best part is, the government, people and media believe they have made no mistake.

It’s like, Sy Snootles is running the government and the entire media is crazy about Dooku while Palpatine and Vader destroy everything and everyone except Yoda has no clue about what the hell is happening.

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