Daily Dose of Living

In today’s post, we will talk about how to squash negative thoughts patterns. Do you have a bas habit of dwelling too much on negative thoughts? How to break a bad habit when it is entirely in your mind. There are actually quite a number of ways to decondition thought patterns and breaking the habit. The basic idea is to replace the old habit with a new one. Mentally resisting a negative thought will usually backfire, to reinforce it will make it even worse. The more you fire the neurone in the same way, the more strong the pattern becomes. Here is an effective method to break negative thought pattern, it is basically a combination of a squish pattern of NLP and a memory technique called chaining.

  • Instead of fighting the negative thought pattern, redirect it. Think of it like a mental kong-fu.
  • Take the energy of the negative thought and re-channel it into a positive thought.
  • With a little mental conditioning, when a negative thought occurs, it will automatically flow into the linked positive thought. It is similar to Pavlov’s dog learning to salivate when the bell rang.

For example, your negative thoughts says “You are an idiot”. First turn the negative thought into a mental image, so think of you dancing around like a dork or spilling your coffee again. See yourself surrounded by people who are pointing at you and laughing or calling you an idiot. The more you exaggerate the scene the better. Secondly, select an empowering replacement thought like replace “You are an idiot” with “I am brilliant”. Choose a thought which empowers you in such a way that it dis-empowers the original negative thought. Thirdly, turn this positive thought into a powerful mental image and refine this mental image till it brings a smile on your face. Picture yourself surrounded by people who are not pointing at you only to appreciate you or celebrate your success. Imagine yourself thanking the people around you for their appreciation. Fourth and the most important step is to mentally chain the two thoughts together. Take images in step 1 and step 3 and mentally glue them together. This is chaining.


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