Daily Dose of Nature

Working With Gaia’s Magic

Discover the many ways in which you can celebrate Gaia, and harness the gifts and energies of the Earth Mother

Earth Meditation

Connect with the energies of Gaia by meditating outdoors. With your eyes closed, be aware of your body as it sits upon the bare earth. Feel Gaia’s steady presence beneath you and her grounding qualities. Listen to the beat of your heart pumping life blood around your body, and feel the air on your face and how your skin keeps you separate from everything around you.

Breathe in Life

Focus on your breathing. Contemplate how the inbreathe nourishes your blood, which carries nutrients to every cell of your body. Notice your out breath how the carbon dioxide you emit is breathed in by the plants, which in turn release oxygen. Allow yourself to feel at one with Gaia.

In meditation, become aware of the symbiotic relationship between yourself and plants.