Olympic 2020

Neeraj Chopra First Gold 🥇 OLYMPIC 2020

Say Something Nice To Yourself

Ok, but if nobody is telling you nice things, why not start it yourself? Do it in whatever form you think it’s appropriate: send yourself emails, write in your calendar or leave yourself nice post- its on the desk. With something nice just for you. I know it sounds awkward and, to some extent, it is. But […]

Say Something Nice To Yourself

When In Doubt Improvise

Being so scared for not knowing the answers, so nervous that you may screw things up… I know the feeling, I’ve been there too. Many times. So many times that, at some point, I simply got tired of it. And I learned to just go with the flow. When in doubt, improvise. It will be […]

When In Doubt Improvise

Self Programming Strategy

There are other strategies you can use to program your mind. Remember that the time you are just waking and the time that you are settling down to sleep are the best times for self- programming. Meditation is another key time. But you still need to utilize the rest of the day as much as […]

Self Programming Strategy

How Does Imagination Work

It can be a little difficult to describe exactly what imagination is and how it works. But it bears resemblance to meditation in terms of dissolving issues and finding solutions. Because when using the imagination, the individual is in an altered state of consciousness. There is no way to compose wonderful poetry or a breathtaking […]

How Does Imagination Work

I Love You First

When it comes to self-love, most of us are work in progress. It might be empathy urging us to put others’ needs before our own, or a social obligation to earn a place within a community by helping someone else before we take care of ourselves. This is very noble behavior, hats off to us all. […]

I Love You First

Believe in Yourself

You can achieve it if you believe in yourself! This saying holds true in our walk of life. If we make realistic goals and strive towards it then success is no more a dream. Some achieve success without much effort and a few others with relentless effort. Life is challenging with lots of ups and […]

Believe in Yourself

It’s Okay To Be Scared

Whether we’re able to admit it or not, we’re all a little scared. Those who aren’t are either living a safe, comfortable, somewhat insular life, or are deluding themselves a bit. But for the vast majority of people who actively engage with the world and stretch into new experiences, life tends to bring out our […]

It’s Okay To Be Scared

Missed Opportunities

“When opportunity knocks, open the door.” How many times has opportunity knocked on your door and you didn’t answer?  Opportunities arise every day.  We just need to be aware of them and make the decision to take them or live with the consequences of missing them. We can all look back at points in our […]

Missed Opportunities

Daily Dose for the Soul

Step 7: Keep “Rule Number 6” in mind. This means to suspend the demands of your ego, which keep you separated from intention. When you have a choice to be right or to be kind, pick kind, and push the ego’s demand out of the way. Kindness is what you emanated from, and by practicing […]

Daily Dose for the Soul