Self Programming Strategy

There are other strategies you can use to program your mind. Remember that the time you are just waking and the time that you are settling down to sleep are the best times for self- programming. Meditation is another key time. But you still need to utilize the rest of the day as much as […]

Self Programming Strategy

Daily Dose of Affirmation

Each day you can journey from your Alpha (it begins with you) to your Omega, which in the teachings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, is the point within each of us where our inner spiritual nature meets our outer worldly nature.  It is with this thought I bring to you daily dose of affirmations for […]

Daily Dose of Affirmation

World Environment Day 2021

Introduction – The United Nations celebrates World Environment Day to promote awareness for the protection of the environment and is celebrated on June 5 every year. This day has been a platform to raise awareness on environmental problems such as human overpopulation, global warming, marine pollution, and the rapid cutting of trees. World Environment Day […]

World Environment Day 2021

Daily Dose of Nature

Uses of Thyme Oil Part 2 Thyme is a remarkable handy oil, find out how you can harness its powerful antiseptic and restorative qualities to improve your health, exercise routine or even your holiday. Holiday First Aid Thyme is a handy addition to a holiday first aid kit Inspect Repellent – When camping, deter insect […]

Daily Dose of Nature


Sand art by Sudarsan Pattnaik They go out to perform their duty to provide us with better living while we stay home during this pandemic. Let’s care about them!



May the Lord bless you and keep you May the Lord cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you May the Lord lift up His contenance towards you and give you peace.

H😍ppy New M😎nth L💗ves!


Top Myths About the Human Brain

While researchers are still uncovering the secrets of how the brain works, they have discovered plenty of information about what goes on inside your head. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of brain myths out there. The following are just a few of the many myths about the brain : Myth 1 – We only […]

Top Myths About the Human Brain

Daily Dose for the Mind

Everything in this universe is evanescent. Because it is evanescent, it is also precious. Spend this precious moment wisely and beautifully. The mind cannot have two thoughts at once. See if you can think two thoughts at exactly the same time. Well? Is it possible? We can be consumed by anger for a long time […]

Daily Dose for the Mind

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disorder that can affect more than just your joints. In some people, the condition can damage a wide variety of body systems, including the skin, eyes, lungs, heart and blood vessels. An autoimmune disorder, rheumatoid arthritis occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks your own body’s tissues. Rheumatoid arthritis […]

Rheumatoid arthritis