Decoding The Left

Decoding the left is easy. Like all cultists, their internal life is simple to the point of boring. Yesterday a friend asked why in hell were pipelines bad, when trains and trucks transporting oil is much worse for the environment, both in the burning of fossil fuel for the transportation and the possibility of leaks, […]

Decoding The Left

Watch “Step By Step Installation of Wifi Driver in Ubuntu 20 04” on YouTube

ASMR Keyboard Typing – No Talking

People who experience ASMR may feels something like a tingling in the back of the head, around the temples, along the neck or spine, down the arms or elsewhere. It can vary from person to person. There are also many who appreciate ASMR without experiencing tingles. Some report a feeling similar to a trance like […]

ASMR Keyboard Typing – No Talking

Uninstall & Repair Any Software – You Tube



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How to Wire a UK 3-Pin Socket Outlet? Wiring a BS1363 Socket

Please visit the Site ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY for full and updated posts. Wiring a BS1363, 3-Pin Socket Outlet Safely and Correctly 3-Pin Socket Outlet A 3-Pin socket outlet is also known as a UK socket outlet, Type G outlet or BS1363 socket outlet by IEC standards. The basic 1 Gang three pin outlet has three pins…

How to Wire a UK 3-Pin Socket Outlet? Wiring a BS1363 Socket

Watch “How to Disable windows update on Windows 10” on YouTube

Types of Computer Hardware with their Components

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ones and zeroes

In fourteenth century AD a Keralite mathematician and astronomer wrote about the infinite series. He is known as the Madhava of Sangamagrama to avoid confusion with other Madhavacharyas. In seventeenth century Issac Newton and Wilhelm Leibnitz also discovered the series. However for a long time Newton and Leibnitz continued to take credit for the discovery. […]

ones and zeroes

What is Email Marketing?

In an increasingly social media centric world, it is tempting to write off email marketing. Alongside this, repetitive spam emails have led us all to frustrating. What then, is important about email marketing? Despite a seemingly negative connotation, statistical evidence solidifies the fact that email remains an essential aspect of any company’s marketing efforts. A […]

What is Email Marketing?

Email Start-up Strategies Every business needs a solid plan for communicating with customers. Email is the primary preference for most people, and can be an extremely cost-efficient way to direct market. Recently, my partners and I had some media attention about a start-up idea, resulting in a list of subscribers. Our potential customers are ready to receive […]

Email Start-up Strategies